New Enhanced Recovery Listserve – sign up!

Do you want to connect with Enhanced Recovery Teams across BC?
Wish you could ask a burning question to others implementing Enhanced Recovery?
Got something you want to share with other Enhanced Recovery teams? A resource? A success? A lesson learned? A new opportunity?

The Enhanced Recovery BC listserve is a group email list that enables members and others to ask questions, share experiences, and keep up to date on new developments. If you would like to subscribe to the listserve, you can sign up now! You will be added automatically and can unsubscribe at any time.

Advantages of the listserve:

  • easy way to ask for, or provide, help to other Enhanced Recovery sites in BC
  • only one email address to manage rather than an ever-changing contact list
  • people can subscribe and unsubscribe directly from our website
  • archive available to easily find old threads
  • everyone on the list can benefit from the questions, answers, and announcements
  • moderated in order to control volume of communication (approved by project manager prior to group distribution)
  • digest mode available


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