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FULL! Sept 19: Anesthesia Community of Practice: Goal Directed Fluid Therapy meeting

  All spaces have been filled for this event. Registration is now closed.

We are keeping a waitlist, in case any registered participants are unable to attend. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please contact Angie Chan, Project Manager, ERAS Collaborative, achan[at]doctorsofbc.ca.

The provincial ERAS Collaborative includes a Community of Practice (COP) for each of surgery, anesthesia, and nursing/administration.  For areas of the ERAS protocol where a strong recommendation does not appear in the literature and where clearer guidance would facilitate ERAS implementation, the COPs provide an opportunity for a working group of practitioners to come together with the aim of developing stronger guidance.

The Anesthesia COP is holding a meeting on Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 1-5pm to develop clearer recommendations for goal-directed fluid therapy . This will be a half-day session that will open with a presentation on the state of the literature by Dr. Kelly Mayson (Vancouver General Hospital, Staff Anesthesiologist; Director of Quality Assurance) and then move to a working discussion facilitated by Dr. Mayson and Dr. Ron Collins (ERAS Collaborative Anesthesia Co-Chair; Staff Anesthesiologist, Kelowna General Hospital; Interior Health Executive Medical Director, Quality & Patient Safety). A reading package will be provided to all participants prior to the meeting.

Physicians will be provided with a sessional fee for their participation, and travel costs will be reimbursed to participants traveling more than 50km one way. The meeting will be held in Vancouver.

All disciplines are welcome. 

Light lunch provided.