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Learning Session 3: Presentations & Graphic Recordings Posted!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the third ERAS Collaborative Learning Session in Vancouver on September 29, 2015. Our 11 Collaborative teams were joined by representatives from eight new BC hospitals, which made for a geographically diverse and multi-disciplinary day.


  • We reviewed new clinical guidance on goal-directed fluid therapy and pre-operative carbohydrate loading, and provided feedback to the Anesthesia Community of Practice.
  • We discussed the role of family physicians in ERAS and surgical optimization interventions.
  • We created a shared vision of pre-optimization in an ERAS setting.
  • We got an international perspective of ERAS implementation from Collaborative members who attended the World Congress on ERAS & Perioperative Medicine.
  • We planned for the sustainability of ERAS in our own sites.
  • We learned about rolling ERAS out to urology patients.
  • We learned from an ERAS patient about how clinicians can improve the patient’s experience by reducing their fear and instilling confidence.

Click here to view the session’s presentations and graphic recordings.

Here’s a hint of what you’ll find…

ERAS - Visioning-Session-WEB