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Personal Perspective: Preparing a Patient for Surgery by Pamela Jessen, Patient Partner

“Personal Perspectives” provide a space for practitioners and patients to offer their personal views about any aspect of enhanced recovery. “Personal Perspectives” do not necessarily reflect the views of the ERAS Collaborative in general. If you would like to contribute your personal perspective, please contact the Project Manager

Preparing a Patient for Surgery

By Pamela Jessen, ERAS Collaborative Patient Partner

Surgical programs are continuously developing or refining their patient education materials. I’d like to share two personal stories that demonstrate how a patient preparing for surgery can have a positive or negative experience. Though I am not an ERAS patient, I have undergone multiple surgeries and believe that patient empowerment through education has the power to affect health outcomes for any type of surgery, minor or major.

Several years ago, I was scheduled for a Nissen Fundoplication for severe GERD. The surgeon I met with took me verbally through the surgery steps and explained that I would be on a liquid diet for several weeks. I left his office feeling somewhat educated, but wishing there was more information on what would take place, especially from a patient’s viewpoint. Read more

Tools: Bowel Surgery Prep Prescription from Providence Health Care

Thank you, Providence Health Care, for sharing this Bowel Surgery Preparation Rx for patients to fill at a compounding pharmacy at least five days prior to surgery. This prescription includes: antiseptic skin preparation, bowel preparation, antibiotics, carbohydrate load, and a partial list of compounding pharmacies. This newly posted Tool can be found on the Order Sets page.