Tools: Island Health Presentation on Role of Family Physicians in ERAS

On September 2, 2015, Island Health hosted a Physician Forum on the important role of family physicians in a patient’s ERAS journey. The presentations were given by Dr. Sarah Pearce (GP-Anesthesia, ERAS Physician Lead, Campbell River Hospital) and Dr. Leanne Wood (General Surgeon, Head of Surgery, Campbell River Hospital).

Learning Objectives:

1) ERAS requires a multidisciplinary team to deliver homogenous evidence-based care. Review the FP’s crucial role within that team in Campbell River.

2) Develop a functional knowledge of core ERAS elements, understanding how several targets vary from traditional practices.

3) Review preop optimization and education goals.

4) Review evidence-based strategies for navigating common postop obstacles while complying with ERAS goals.

Thank you to Drs. Pearce and Wood for sharing their presentation, which can be found under Tools, in the Staff Training folder.

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