Tools: New Clinical Guidance Notes

The Anesthesia Community of Practice* and Nutrition Community of Practice are pleased to distribute three new clinical guidance documents on pre-operative carbohydrate-loading, goal-directed fluid therapy, and opioid-sparing technique. These documents can be downloaded below or accessed on the Guidance Notes Page along with other resources.

These Clinical Guidance Notes were developed by the respective Communities of Practice of the BC Enhanced Recovery Collaborative. They have been reviewed by the multi-disciplinary members of the Collaborative, presented to the BC Anesthesiologists Society for feedback, and approved by the Collaborative’s clinical co-chairs.

These documents are not intended to serve as a comprehensive review of the literature, or a statistically driven guidelines document. Each COP undertook an extensive review of current literature and practice patterns, assessed the practical implications of the various proposed algorithms, and sought to summarize evidence and advise British Columbia’s clinicians as to best practice based on current evidence. In the end, each site and practitioner should base decisions on providing patient care based on consultation with local care providers, and through a multidisciplinary collaborative approach.

Many thanks to the members of the Communities of Practice (membership listed in the documents) and the lead authors of these documents: Kaley Berg, Dr. Ron Collins, Dr. Mark Masterson, Dr. Kelly Mayson,  and Dr. Jill Osborn.

Download (Pre-Op-CHO-Loading-Guidance_FINAL-FOR-DISTRIBUTION_20160610.pdf, PDF, 181KB)

Download (GDFT-guidance_FINAL-FOR-DISTRIBUTION_20160610.pdf, PDF, 295KB)

Download (Opioid-Sparing-guidance-note_FINAL-FOR-DISTRIBUTION_20160610.pdf, PDF, 171KB)


*The provincial Enhanced Recovery Collaborative includes a Community of Practice (COP) for each of surgery, anesthesia, and nursing/administration. For areas of the Enhanced Recovery protocol where a strong recommendation does not appear in the literature and where clearer guidance would facilitate Enhanced Recovery implementation, the COPs provide an opportunity for a working group of practitioners to come together with the aim of developing stronger guidance. COP participation is open to all disciplines.

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