Webinar: Recording & slides on Predicting & Managing Post-Op Pain now available

You can now stream the presentation or review the slides for Dr. Hance Clarke’s webinar on Predicting and Managing Post-op Pain. 

Drawing from his clinical practice and research, as well as his experience leading the Transitional Pain Service program at Toronto General Hospital, Dr. Clarke (Staff Anesthesiologist and Director of the Pain Research Unit, Toronto General Hospital) addressed the following:

  • What is the current research on acute to chronic pain and  best practice approaches for assessment and pain management in the  surgical setting?
  • How do we better treat/prepare/care for the patients that  are coming to us pre-operatively with significant pain issues that  may be associated with their cancer or due to other issues (Is this  another ‘pre-optimization’ opportunity?)
  • How do we identify those patients who go on to develop  chronic pain issues post-operatively? And what can we do to reduce  the likelihood that this will happen?

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